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Tax Law

At Attzs Law, we bring decades of experience to a complex and important aspect of law, representing our client’s interest to the highest standards demanded of the legal profession.


Our team is licensed and certified to provided Legal and Tax services throughout the Caribbean and Commonwealth Region, including but not limited to at the Supreme Court of Grenada, Ontario Canada, the Supreme Court of Barbados, the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Guyana and St. Lucia

The Regional tax landscape is changing and complex. Enforcement authorities, especially in challenging economic times, have become more vigilant and pro-active. At Attzs Law, we are committed to assisting our clients navigate these increasingly more challenging waters.

Areas of Services

We provide full-service tax legal practice and advice with respect to all issues that may arise in the region. We have a clear and deep understanding of the applicable law and are often on the cutting edge of litigation, seeking to develop and clarify the law, to the benefit of our clients.

Our clients include large, well established regional and international conglomerates who have placed their trust and confidence in us. These remain long-term clients as we ensure that our best efforts are brought to bear against the challenges that our clients face.

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