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Our Services

While the Attzs Law team may specialize in Tax Services, we also provide our clients with a range of other Legal Services.

We draw from our wealth of hands-on, practical experience to provide advice and representation to our clients who need assistance in the areas of Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation and Public Law.

Additionally, we have recognized a demand for Canadian Immigration Services. We are able to leverage our experience and professional network to assist clients who are interested in exploring Northern options.

Attzs Law is a beacon for clients navigating the fiscal environment and providing business solutions and strong, reliable legal representation.

Tax Law

Attzs Law specializes in Tax law. Our team is licensed and certified to provided Legal and Tax services throughout the Caribbean and Commonwealth Region. This includes but is not limited to at the Supreme Court of Grenada, Ontario Canada, the Supreme Court of Barbados, the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia.

Public Law

Public Law touches every aspect of life for the average citizen, who interfaces with the State in the course of his day-to-day activities. When something goes awry, such as a Public Authority overstepping its bounds, making an unjustified decision, or breaching Constitutional Rights, the Attzs Law team stands ready to assist.


The Attzs Law team is knowledgeable and experienced with both Corporate & Commercial Litigation and Personal Civil Litigation. We regularly assist corporate clients with Compliance and Corporate Secretarial duties, and personal clients with matters including Personal Injury and Breach of Contract.

Canadian Immigration

The Attzs Law Immigration team will provide advice to allow you to make informed decisions and simplify the complex and sometimes confusing Canadian Immigration process. We take a hands-on, personal approach to maximise your chances of success, with the best option tailored to your individual needs.,


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